I’m Ben Elliott

The High Performance Life Coach

I help business owners & leaders develop bulletproof mindsets & practical strategies so they can thrive at the next level.

Your expert in...


Your mindset (automatic thoughts, reactions & attitudes) will either unlock your high performance and be an ally to help you conquer your goals, or will keep you trapped in patterns that will hold you back, slow you down or even sabotage your efforts.

Proven Strategies

Practical, proven & bulletproof strategies that have been helping people for over 10 years. It's also critical to know how to manage your emotions, bounce back from failures, manage your time and have the abilities to balance business & your relationships so the people you care about don't suffer or miss out on the best you.


High Performance Hacks

There has been decades of psychological research, endless amounts of study in the field of neuroscience and long complex findings about the neural pathways in the brain. Luckily Ben has the knowledge so you can get the quick, simple and incredibly effective performance and mindset "hacks" that you can quickly apply... and you won't even need to sit through a single lecture.

About Ben Elliott

Ben is a life coach specializing in mindset and high performance. He has been coaching, training and helping people for over 10 years and is extremely experienced working with business owners, leaders and athletes who want to reach the next level in their lives.


Ben's methods are fresh, life giving, straight to the point, encouraging and totally bulletproof. Each session has a positive and encouraging focus. No matter the person, goal or target it is always more useful to build positive momentum and focus on moving forwards instead of getting stuck in the negatives of the past. Even in times where deep emotional blocks from the past arise Ben has both the experience and skill to handle those things in a positive, effective way that will produce freedom.​


Ben is a qualified Life Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP. Yet the real methods and philosophies that bring the most results have been developed in the thousands of hours working with clients face to face.


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