I’m Ben Elliott

Life Coach Specializing In Mindset & High Performance

High performers have a burning passion for success, to create major impact and to live fulfilling lives. I give them the mindset & the strategies to make that a reality.

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Mindset Transformation

Self Belief For Success

MP3 Program

Self Belief is the backbone of ALL success. This program will reprogram your mind so you can take your life to the next level.

High Performance Unlocked

MP3 Program

If you are losing your drive, your positivity or your passion then this mindset program will get you unlocked and back in the zone.

1 On 1 Coaching

Individualized mindset and high performance coaching to help you have greater success, greater fulfillment & greater impact. 


Ben is a life coach specializing in mindset and high performance. He has been coaching, training and helping people for over 12 years, across 7 countries and is extremely experienced working with business owners and leaders who want to reach the next level in their lives.


Ben's methods are fresh, life giving, straight to the point, encouraging and totally bulletproof. 


Ben is a qualified Life Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP. Yet the real methods and philosophies that bring the best results have been developed in the thousands of hours working with clients.


Ben currently lives in Adelaide, Australia with his wife Anna and gets way too excited about basketball, Earl Gray Tea and cycling.


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